Parents Say...

(Below are actual end-of-program survey responses from past TIPS programs)

“Not to sound like I'm exaggerating, but I have never seen a program more perfect for my children. I mean, when do you have your kids looking forward so much to doing math? I can barely ever get my kids to play outside, and yet, they would be waiting by the door to go to TIPs on their days. The teachers were all incredible, the group sizes and locations were perfect, and my kids were able to keep up their academic practice while they thought they were only having fun. A HUGE plus for us was the availability of an on-site nurse. My child has Type 1 Diabetes, and I never once felt a worry leaving her in the safety of such capable hands. One day, she couldn't make it to TIPs, and her caring teacher even called home to make sure she was doing okay. You can't get community like this anywhere else.”

“TIPS is great and really helped my child improve her math skills!”

“It was great for the teachers to be able to present math concepts in fun and creative ways. This really helped to keep our daughter engaged while driving concepts home.”

“The TIPS Program allowed my daughter to continue to grow academically as well as socially over the summer. Her shy nature was overshined by her love of learning. The TIPS Program has built in those foundational skills to prepare her for the current school year.”

“My child LOVED T.I.P.S. days!”

“TIPS helped my child improve In math and she was also able to socialize with her friends from school over the summer. She had a great experience at TIPS for the first time.”

“My daughter excelled in the Math program this summer, so much so that she's now in an advanced math program in school! I've never seen anyone so excited to do math.”

“My son was going from third grade to fourth grade this past summer (2015). This was the first time we tried T.I.P.s. He chose to do the math challenge for all 12 sessions. He had such a wonderful experience with both the teacher and his peers. He was excited to go everyday and always jumped in the car full of fun stories to share with me about his learning. Although he was already a good student in both math and reading we felt this would help him to keep a little of the academic structure going and to make him feel comfortable going into fourth grade. This was definitely accomplished. It was a great experience for him and us and we look forward to having him attend next summer.”

“Joanna struggled with math over the years and had even commented "I'm dumb at math" when she was in earlier grades. After several years of TIPS, her math grades have improved and her number-confidence has, too. When I asked what she thought was most special about TIPS, she said she especially liked getting to play games afterward as a review of what she'd learned each day. Layering of learning strengthened her math-muscles and kept things fun, especially with all the changes in the math curriculum in the past couple of years. TIPS is a great program! I'm sure you'll see Joanna again as a student volunteer in future years. :)”  

“Great summer program and a great way to keep the minds of our youngsters growing all summer long.”

“TIPS helped my daughter build confidence in her math skills while having fun. We are very lucky to have amazing teachers that participate and truly care about education in Exeter. The TIPS program is a wonderful asset to our community.”

“The residents of Exeter Township are extremely lucky to have this program in our community. Everyone benefits, even those residents who do not have school-aged children. A solid education is the foundation for success. The director, teachers and staff are incredible.”

“TIPS is awesome! My child absolutely loved the program. TIPS made summer learning fun and it honestly did bridge the summer break gap. My child went to school the first day, prepared and ready to take over the school year, and she has been doing just that! Thank you, TIPS, for helping give my child the confidence she needed to have a successful school year.” 

"TIPS provides a positive environment where students can learn from a peer in a group setting or from an instructor in a one-to-one setting. The atmosphere is non-threatening and designed to encourage all individuals to achieve at a higher level. Hearing my daughter say "math is fun" and "I like this kind of math" made the summer program worthwhile." ~Jeane Serrian, Mathematics Instructor, PSU - Berks Campus

“My son enjoyed his experience in the TIPS math classes. Every summer he has participated in one of the TIPS programs and every summer he has had fun while learning. I am very pleased with the TIPS program & plan to have him participate again this coming summer.”

“This was my daughters 2nd year in the TIPS program. Her teachers were wonderful and I feel this was a great program to help her stay in "school mode" and not slip behind. She has really enjoyed the groups she has worked with and looked forward to going each day!”

“My son was struggling with math and my son was the one who asked if he could do it for a second time. Absolutely. Price is right and my son is now excelling is his math academics. I highly recommend TIPS _well worth it.”

“My daughter enjoyed the time she spent at Teacher in the Park. She was able to maintain her enthusiasm for math throughout the summer. Great job TIPS!”

“My daughter has an IEP... TIP was extremely helpful in this situation and kept her schedule consistent.”

“The tips program did a great job of challenging my children during the summer. They both went into the school year with new friends and confidence academically. TIPS is a wonderful asset to our community!”

“This was the first year my son participated in TIPS and he enjoyed his learning experience.”

“I think TIPS is a great way to help children practice math and reading over the summer! A big thanks to all teachers and staff who participate in the program!”

“Our child was able to jump right in with his new math class when school started and is doing better than ever, thanks to participating in TIPS Math Challenge over the summer. Such a fun way for kids to learn and stay in touch with friends!”

“This was the first year our son was a part of Teachers. I loved that is was offered at the pool we attend. This was a perfect help with the bridge before 1st grade for our son. Our son is extremely shy and the teachers made him feel so safe. I don't have enough great to share about this program. Thank you so very much.”

“TIPS is made of wonderful people helping to strengthen our growing group of children succeed academically & socially in our town.”

“TIPS is a fantastic program that gives children a way to keep up on their academics in a fun atmosphere during the summer months. The teachers keep it fun and interactive so they actually look forward to attending the program and they learn strategies that they can use as they enter the next grade level.”

“Mr Hathaway was fantastic to work with, very caring and compassionate.”

“My son, Kaiden, thoroughly enjoyed participating in the TIPS Reading program last summer. Not only did he enjoy time with friends, his writing and reading skills were reinforced in a fun way. Thank you TIPS for providing this invaluable summer program!” 

“TIPS gave my son the opportunity to be challenged in many thought-provoking ways. He really enjoyed his time working on challenging math situations. Thank you for a great summer!!”

“TIPS is an excellent program, that has dedicated teachers that are willing to help students.”

“TIPS is a fantastic resource for children in the district who want to improve their academic skills in a fun environment, or just maintain what they have already learned.”

“Teachers in the Parks is a great program. My child had such an easy transition from summer to school as a result of this program. He had the opportunity to have his following year teacher in Teachers in the Parks. This made it very easy for him to get back to school. Thank you.”

“Rosie came home and told me a how comfortable the teachers made all the kids feel. She also mentioned this helped with her over all willingness to participate with the group, because of the positive established learning environment. Thanks for providing this affordable and productive service to my kids over the summer.”


“My child was always excited to go to TIPS at Antietam pool!”

“The teachers always went above and beyond for my daughter and always kept the lines of communication open. I felt that when I dropped my child off that she was in a safe environment and in good hands. she loved going and she was able to strengthen her academic skills. Thanks so much to all the teachers for all their hard work and dedication to the children of Exeter school district. Thank you.”

“My son looked forward to TIPS-days. He actually looked forward to doing MATH in the summer. The lessons were relative, the teachers were engaging, and the social atmosphere was welcoming. We look forward to our youngest participating!” ~William Dramby

“TIPS was an excellent way to bridge that summer reading gap! Thank you to all the teachers who volunteer their time so graciously!”

“We were unsure how to keep our kindergartner excited about learning and preparing for first grade over the summer. TIPS teachers made it their priority to work with each child to engage and encourage their continued academics over the summer. Thank you!”

“Great program run by great teachers. Will be back again next year!”

“My daughter, who was entering 4th grade, loved the program and was excited to be placed in advance math this year due to the experience she gained in TIPS.” ~Jenn Speece