Together, We Will Bridge the Summer Gap!

Are you interested in seeing the TIPS program in action!  CLICK HERE to schedule a visit! 

We would love to share what we have learned over the last ten years with you and your team!  

The TIPS package: A Fresh Vision for Summer Learning

  • Puts Caring Teachers with Small Groups of Children Over the Summer!
  • Builds Academic Confidence
  • Promotes Social Learning 
  • Encourages Healthy Activity Outside of the School Buildings
  • Utilizes an Innovative Summer Curriculum and Lesson Plans
  • Includes Prepackaged and Custom Fundraisers, Apparel, and Printing
  • Provides Essential Professional Development 
  • Meets Varied Student Needs 
  • Reaches Diverse Populations

To maintain fidelity and to create lasting change, TIPS will work with a select number of districts each year.  Less is often more!  If you are interested in STARTING YOUR OWN TIPS PROGRAM, click Here.  We will contact you to get the ball rolling!